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In this section you'll find study materials for trigonometry help. Use the links below to find the area of trigonometry you're looking for help with. Each study guide comes complete with an explanation, example problems, and practice problems with solutions to help you learn trigonometry.

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  • 61.

    Trigonometry and Cosine Study Guide

    Trigonometry and Cosine In this lesson, we study a new trigonometric function, cosine. Just as with sine, this function is based on a right triangle. For cosine, however, we use a different pair of sides from that triangle. We find the cosine for ...

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  • 62.

    Trigonometry and Tangents Study Guide

    Trigonometry and Tangents In this lesson, we study the third trigonometric function, tangent. Tangent is much like sine and cosine, but it uses different sides of the right triangle. We evaluate the tangent for a number of angles, ...

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  • 63.

    Secant, Cosecant, and Cotangent Study Guide

    Secant, Cosecant, and Cotangent In this lesson, we introduce the last three trigonometric functions: secant, cosecant, and cotangent. Again, these are evaluated by dividing one length of a right triangle by another. We then ...

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  • 64.

    Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles Study Guide

    Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles In this lesson, we study two special right triangles for which we are able to know both the angle measures and the trigonometric values. The first triangle is the isosceles right triangle, with two 45° ...

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  • 65.

    The Unit Circle Study Guide

    The Unit Circle In this lesson, we find the coordinates of many of the points on the unit circle. So far, we have evaluated trigonometric functions only for acute angles, those between 0° and 90°. To work with other angles, ...

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    Nice Angles Study Guide

    Nice Angles We now evaluate the trigonometric values of angles that are larger than 90° and less than 0°. The sine and cosine come directly from the y- and x-coordinates of the point on the unit circle, which correspond ...

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  • 67.

    Calculator Trigonometry Study Guide

    Calculator Trigonometry This lesson contains the essence of trigonometry but without the explanations. With a calculator, you can find any side of a right triangle if you know one side and an angle. The only disadvantage to using a calculator is ...

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  • 68.

    Finding Length in Trigonometry Study Guide

    Finding Length in Trigonometry In this lesson, we use the basic trigonometric functions to solve word problems. In these problems, we use an angle and a distance to find the other distances around a right triangle. It is fortunate ...

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  • 69.

    Inverse Functions Study Guide

    Inverse Functions In this lesson, we introduce inverse trigonometric functions. With these, we are able to find the angles of right triangles whose sides are known. When we plug an angle θ into a trigonometric function ...

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  • 70.

    Finding Angles in Right Triangles Study Guide

    Finding Angles in Right Triangles In this lesson, we explore a variety of word problems in which we must calculate the measure of an angle from a right triangle. With inverse trigonometric functions sin–1, cos–1, ...

    Source: LearningExpress, LLC
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