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Helping Your Child with Science

How do our immune systems work? How do plants turn sunlight into energy? Science teaches students to investigate the world's everyday mysteries. From earth sciences (geology, oceanography) to physical sciences (chemistry, physics) to life sciences (biology, anatomy) to astronomy, the study of space, sciences can be some of the most challenging and most rewarding areas of study.

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    Principles of Telescopes

    All telescopes are designed to do one thing: collect light. By using a telescope, you are condensing the light from a...

    Source: Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall
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    Helping Your Child Learn Science: The Basics

    What Is Science? Science is not just a collection of facts. Of course, facts are an important part of science: Water...

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    Activities: 1. We Eat Different Parts of Plants Make 'Friendship Soup' Have each child bring a favorite vegetable...

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    Magnets and Gravity

    Activities: 1. Magnets Can Find and Attract Iron Ore Bring sand inside the classroom and place in a shallow tray. Have...

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    Writing in Science Classrooms

    Many students (and teachers!) don’t see many connections between science and writing. But scientists are inveterate...

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    Science Labs in Elementary School?

    Traditionally, elementary school means the three Rs: reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic. That tradition has been carried...

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    Preschool Science: Learning at the Park!

    Integrating science into familiar settings can bring the magic of science to life. Here are some fun ways to introduce...

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    Trends in Secondary School Science

    There is widespread support for continued improvement of the educational system. Scientific and technological literacy...

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    Girls and Science: The Wave of the Future?

    As our economy goes global, math, science, and technology are bigger than ever - and these fields are precisely those in...

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    What is Light and How is it Produced

    All matter has an internal property of energy. This energy is related to the electrons traveling in orbits around the...

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