Back to School Tools

Back to School Tools

It's that time of year again! We have
everything you need to inspire your
students, from time-saving tips to
classroom crafts and educational
activities. Start the school year right!

Brain Boosting Activities

Make a Back to School Calendar

Get fired up for the new school year with a "Back-to-School Calendar" you and your child can make at home. Start those wheels turning again and teach your child valuable ...

Make Back to School Business Cards!

A fun way to ensure your second grader hangs on to her stuff this school year and sneak in some writing practice is to have her create "business cards" to use as labels.

Make a "Study Time" Door Hanger

Help your child get ready for back to school with this fun fifth grade activity, which will get him in the groove to start studying and set the school year off right!

Decorate a Homework Clipboard!

This school year, have your child decorate his very own clip board and watch him do his homework in style!

Homework Quick Tips

Jedi Mind Trick: 8 Ways to Motivate Kids

You've yelled, scolded, bribed and pleaded, yet your child still drags her feet at every simple request. Chore times and homework sessions become a battleground where you both ...

8 Great Homework Help Tips

Raise an all-star student with these helpful homework tips, sure to improve your child's study habits.

Tips for Avoiding the Homework Trap

Does your child struggle with mountains of homework? Eliminate the daily work load and stress with these tips on how to avoid the 'homework trap'.

6 Keys to Good Homework Habits

Get your child to take responsibility for his homework by setting up good habits early on in the school year. Here's how.