Back to School

From printable supply lists, to healthy lunch ideas, to budget tips and more, we've got just what you need to make going back to school this year a snap!

Back to School Crafts

Make a Homework Caddy Kit

For kids who prefer to do homework flopped on a rug, this practical caddy can make all the difference!

First Day of School Craft

Celebrate and remember that very special day when your child became a kindergartener by creating a First Day of School Mobile filled with pictures and keepsakes from the ...

Make Back to School Business Cards!

A fun way to ensure your second grader hangs on to her stuff this school year and sneak in some writing practice is to have her create "business cards" to use as labels.

Make a "Study Time" Door Hanger

Help your child get ready for back to school with this fun fifth grade activity, which will get him in the groove to start studying and set the school year off right!

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Back to School Activities

Make a Morning Routine Book

Build good first grade reading and writing skills, as well as family peace and quiet, with this hand made story book about mornings in your home.

Throw a Back to School Party

Here's how to host a family dinner that says welcome to fall and the school year ahead.

Create a Back to School Time Capsule!

Let your child preserve and cherish her favorite memories for years to come. Here's an activity to help your child create her very own time capsule to unearth and open in one, ...

Letter to Your Teacher

Start the school year off on the right foot by treating your child's new teacher to a special heart-felt surprise!

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Back to School Coloring Pages

School Locker Coloring Page

Get your child ready for school with this fun coloring page, which features the inside of a student's locker.

Color the Schoolhouse

Make going back to school fun with this coloring page, which features a cobblestone path leading up to an adorable schoolhouse.

First Day of School Coloring

Whether your kid has back-to-school excitement or back-to-school jitters, this worksheet should do the trick. Color in the classroom scene and get back in the school spirit!

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Back to School Worksheets

What Doesn't Belong at School?

Backpack, ice cream cone, pencil, scissors: one of these objects is not an essential school item! Sorting and categorizing are math skills even young children can master.

School Bus Picture Puzzle

What's the best way to get to school? In this worksheet your child will make a puzzle out of a school bus by cutting along the dotted lines.

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Bring a little playfulness to the first day of school with this classroom scavenger hunt. Search for some school supplies, make new friends and have a blast in class.

Picture Memory Game

This great printable provides a fun variation of the typical picture memory game. This time, it's all about food!

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Parent’s Guide

Find out what’s happening in your child’s grade this year.

Back to School Tip

Tip : Plan a back to school celebration the night before school starts. Offer themed food (variations on your child's favorite cafeteria hot lunch), watch some back to school movies, play a few board games , and talk up the year ahead.  

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Learn about your child's school's test scores, parent reviews, and more.