Cognitive Development

The growth and development of a child's intelligence over time is a subject on which countless experts have written. How are your child's thinking skills evolving at a particular age? There are several major theories that guide this field of study, and we've collected the most important facts on each of them, and on how you can help your child's mind blossom.

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    The Development of Self-Concept

    Imagine that you live across the street from an empty lot. One day, you notice that workers have placed piles of...

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    The Development of Mental Abilities

    Young children think differently than do older children and adults. Such thinking is not wrong, simply different and...

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    Philosophy for Kids: A Pop Culture Introduction

    Do children have the cognitive ability to understand and appreciate philosophy? Ages-old philosophical concepts are...

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    Effective Learning Strategies

    Much of our discussion thus far has focused on knowledge of and beliefs about thinking and learning. But metacognition...

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    Language Development in Middle Childhood

    The foundation of language development is established during the preschool and early elementary school years. School-age...

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    Self-Regulation: The Key to Successful Students?

    Self-regulation is increasingly being seen as a good predictor of a child's academic success. What is it, and how can...

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    Cognitive Learning Styles

    Cognitive style theorists stress that school tasks can contribute to learning disabilities when they require students to...

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    Language Development

    There is a close connection between the development of thought and the development of language. Language also develops...

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    Toddler Aggression: A Survival Guide

    No one's really ready for the first time their little angel lashes out in anger. Once toddler aggression is in full...

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    Brain Research and Child Development

    What follows is a summary list of some of the conclusions we feel are reasonable to make between brain research and...

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