Communicating With Teens

Communicating with your teen about their stresses, freedom, and future goals helps parents stay connected. Talking to a teen requires insight and effective listening.

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    How Well Do You Know Your Parents? (for Teens)

    We may live with our parents, spend hours a day with them, and talk with them a lot. Still, there's much we don't know...

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    Top 10 Parenting Quick Tips of 2009

    Communication Keeping the lines of communication of your child should be a priority with all parents. It is...

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    Teens and Ethics

    Every parent wants to believe that their teen can make ethical decisions. Fundamentally, our kids know the difference...

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    It’s Normal

    Wondering what happened to the sweet kids we were raising? They've turned into teenagers. While we know there are going...

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    Identity Development in Adolescence

    Psychologically, all adolescents need room to grow and safe places to test their newly emerging selves. Using knowledge...

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    This journal has been created in an effort to better understand urban youth and the culture that has developed for...

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    Communicating with Your Adolescent

    Maintaining as friendly and open a relationship as you can is important for many reasons. It's more fun. It raises...

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    Adolescence: The Four Questions

    Adolescence is filled with intellectual and emotional changes in addition to the major biological and physical changes...

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