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Becoming a Police Officer

Interested in a exciting, challenging, and fast paced career where no two days are alike? Become a police officer! Police officers are caring and responsible people who work in law enforcement. Police officers help and keep people safe. Read the articles below to learn more about the police officer career, how to become a police officer, and police officer education.

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    Becoming a Police Officer: Internships

    Internships provide a way to gain first-hand knowledge about the workings of law enforcement agencies. Internships can...

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    Becoming a Police Officer: The Selection Process

    The real selection process begins after you have met the minimum eligibility requirements. If you already know the...

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    State Police Agencies

    Forty-nine states have some type of state police agency; only Hawaii does not. It is ironic that one of the longest...

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    Special Jurisdiction Law Enforcement Agencies

    Special jurisdiction policing has grown substantially in the last 20 years and from all estimates it will continue to...

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    Becoming a Police Officer: Fields of Study

    If you have decided that you will need a four-or two-year degree before or during your pursuit of a police officer...

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    Minority Men in Policing

    Most of the history of minorities in American policing is based on the experiences of women and African-Americans;...

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    Becoming a Police Officer: Scholarships, Grants, and Programs

    This money is awarded to students for a wide variety of reasons, including good grades, financial need, future career...

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    Becoming a Police Officer: Risks

    If police departments are offering such generous salaries and benefits, you might be wondering why positions are...

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    History of Federal Law Enforcement

    Unlike most other countries, the United States does not maintain a national police force. This may come as a surprise to...

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    The Police Officer Suitability Test

    This chapter has taken you from civilian status to fully trained police officer—from the start of the applicant...

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