Part of parenting is being able to discipline your child in a way that he or she will respond. Successful parents learn different discipline tactics such as helping your child develop self control, and handling challenging behavior with consistency and confidence. Know the tips to help your child behave appropriately.

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    Tantrums in Toddlers: Tips to Stop Meltdowns

    Parents of little ones know how quickly a trip to the grocery store can end in a full-blown meltdown. Get these tips on...

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    How to Talk to Your 5th Grader

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    Parenting Styles

    Throughout the world most parents manage to find acceptable, balanced ways to show their love and wield their authority...

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    Extreme Behavior Intervention Methods

    In the opinion of the authors, time-out and holding or restraining a child are considered to be crisis intervention...

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    Effective Communication with Children

    In addition to having a variety of strategies that are designed to motivate children toward appropriate behavior,...

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    Parenting Solutions: Poor Sport

    The Problem Red Flags Changes rules midstream; can't accept defeat; blames others, makes excuses, cries, or loses...

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    TV and Your Teen

    TV Has a Powerful Impact on Young People Children and teens in the US spend an average of 3 to 4 hours a day watching...

    Source: State: Rhode Island Department of Education
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    Parenting Solutions: Bossy

    The Problem Red Flags Tells everyone what to do in a dictatorial and inconsiderate manner, is overly controlling,...

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    The Art of Apology

    When children do something hurtful our parental instinct is to make them apologize to the injured party. However, it...

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    Take a Time Out from Time-out!

    If you're like many parents, you know that time-out doesn't always work like it's supposed to. So why not take a time...