FAMILY Movie Night

FAMILY Movie Night

Movies aren't just fun - they're also a great way to spend some family time together. From top movie picks to learning ideas and healthy snacks, we've got everything you need for a fun family night in!

Great Family Movies

Charlotte's Web Hook The Sword in the Stone Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Wall-E

Movies and Learning

Educational Movies the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Watch one of these family-friendly movies and your kids won't even realize they're learning something new. Here are the top educational movies for families.

The Elements of Great Film: Kids' Edition

With the Oscars airing on February 22, now is the time to introduce the budding critic to the components of a successful flick. Here's a checklist of elements in an engaging, ...

Are 3-D Movies Dangerous? What You Should Know

3-D movies have raised the bar for the moviegoing experience. With many movies coming out in 3-D, it's important get the facts on three-dimensional viewing and its effects on ...

From Script to Screen: How to Read Movies

Readers are eager, yet sometimes hesitant, to watch their favorite literary universe unfold on screen. We can be sorely disappointed or wondrously inspired.

SOS: 5 Parenting Movies to the Rescue

We all need a little help from our friends, especially parents. Next time you're at your wit's end, turn to the silver screen.

Making Great Home Movies

With all the recent innovations in technology there are so many ways to capture every moment on film and to make home movies that rival Hollywood productions.

Award-Worthy Recipes and Snacks

Bake Pizza Muffins

Help your child learn healthy eating habits by transforming every kid's favorite food into a healthy, flavorful after-school snack.

Avocado Sushi

Does your child love sushi? How about creating something a little different with these avocado sushi bites that have a little cucumber too!

Herb Popcorn!

Make yummy flavored popcorn with your kids. They'll learn more about their palate as well as how to make perfectly popped popcorn!

Gluten Free Chicken Strips

When it comes to kid-friendly food, chicken strips top the list. These strips cook up in a flash, and are so easy and fun to make, kids won't mind helping out.

Chicken Nachos

You and your kids don't have to go out to a restaurant in order to enjoy delicious nachos. They're easy and fun to make any day of the week!

Peanut Fudge

This dreamy combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a spectacularly simple recipe that is even safe for your young child to try.