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Fourth Grade Math

Math Study Help

A Mathematical Card Trick

Teach your fourth grader a fun magic trick! All you'll need is a deck of cards and some basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.

Compare Fractions

Compare fractions in this two-player math game. The objective of the games is to work together to determine who has created the largest fraction.

Temperature Game

Learn about temperature while practicing negative and positive integers. First one to reach the boiling point wins!

Multiplication War

Play multiplication war, a fun card game, with your child and before long those annoying multiplication facts will be part of her mathematical skill set.

Build & Take

There's power in positive numbers, but negative numbers are equally important! Practice adding and subtracting with positive and negative numbers in this fun card game. You'll improve your understanding of this tricky concept in no time!

What Remains?

Fourth grade is the time for learning division and this board game focuses on the art of finding remainders. With a few simple materials you can find around the house, you'll be able to create a fun new way to work on an important concept.

Positive and Negative Numbers Game

The concept of positive and negative numbers can be confusing! Check out this fun, competitive card game and improve your understanding. By working together, you'll ensure that no one feels left out, and everyone will gain confidence in no time!

In Your Prime

Learning to identify prime numbers can be tricky. But this fun card game can make memorizing some basic prime numbers a breeze.

Practice Math with the "Guess the Groceries" Game

Not only is taking math on a shopping trip a fun diversion from worksheets (and a chance for you to get some shopping done), but your child will be practicing rounding, estimation and addition with a hands-on method.

Hit the Target

Race to create an equation in this game will help your child and his opponents get creative with addition, subtraction and multiplication. Math skills will be in full force while everyone tries to outsmart the competition!