Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

When it comes to doing well in school, a healthy lunch is a must-have for every kid. We've got tons of delicious lunch box ideas that are guaranteed to sneak nutrients into your child's diet and they're a snap to make.

Think Outside the Lunch Box!

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Think Outside the Lunch Box! 3 Kid-Friendly School Snacks

Make school lunches a kid-friendly and nutritious meal with three school snacks. Here's how to make pizza muffins, healthy hummus, and chicken wraps.

Snacks and Sides

Bake Pizza Muffins

Help your child learn healthy eating habits by transforming every kid's favorite food into a healthy, flavorful after-school snack.

Sugar Coated Pecans

April is National Pecan Month! Your child can make a tasty treat and learn more about pecans, which are native to the southern United States.

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Use this simple and versatile recipe in pasta, sandwiches, or atop baked chicken. Not only is it colorful and flavorful, it's also packed full of vitamins.

Cucumber Salad

This refreshing salad is tasty and chock full of fresh veggies! Your child will hone her slicing skills as she makes this delicious dish.

Thermos Options

Vegetable Soup

Nothing warms a wintry afternoon like a warm bowl of soup - especially when it's homemade!

Tomato Penne

Loaded with grape tomatoes that literally burst with sweetness, this pasta dish is a surefire kid-pleaser.

Make Mashed Potato Soup

With just a handful of ingredients and some leftover mashed potatoes from dinner the night before, your child can make this simple and healthy soup.

Make Chicken Souse

Chicken souse is a delicious dish native to the Caribbean. Much like American chicken soup, souse contains meat, broth and vegetables but with an island twist.

Chinese Dumpling Recipe

Cook these dumplings, also known as pot stickers, with your kids to ring in the Chinese New Year or any day you're craving tasty homemade food!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

A great recipe for Hispanic Heritage Month, a Cinco de Mayo party or any fiesta, any time of the year!