Kids' Birthday Parties

Kids' Birthday Parties

Another year, another birthday! From theme ideas to goody bag guides, money saving tips to stress-free planning, we've got everything you need to celebrate your child's special day.

Birthday Party Ideas

Throw a Medieval Birthday Party!

If your child is obsessed with castles, moats, and noble steeds, then a medieval party may be just the thing to celebrate a birthday, or to simply have some fun in the sun! ...

Throw an Around the World Party!

Celebrating a birthday, or just wanting to have some fun in the sun? Why not throw a party that will take your child on a round-the-world trip, without leaving the backyard?

Plan a Pirate Party

Ahoy, matey! Your little privateer's having a birthday and wants to celebrate buccaneer-style. Hold the rum and the pistols; this one's for the little guys. From invitations in ...

Throw a Kids' Victorian Tea Party!

A Victorian tea party is an elegant way to spend an afternoon and learn a little about a different era in history. All you need is a teapot, teacups and some Victorian ...

Throw a Homemade Carnival!

Find out how to throw a carnival in your backyard (or your living room!) Classic carnie activities are easy to recreate at home.

Throw A Baseball Birthday Party!

Is your child a little league superstar or budding sports fan? Here are some tips that’ll help you hit a home run at the birthday bash.

Birthday Party Prep

Make Your Own Piñata!

A longtime staple of birthday parties, the candy-filled piñata is a part of everyone's childhood. Now, your family can make its own piñata!

Cool Birthday Party Favors

It used to be a small token of thanks - a pack of gum, a sticker or a balloon. But, like all things that start out small, the party favor has gotten big. Really big. Well, ...

Sponge Art Wrapping Paper

Not only does this art project result in beautiful, one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, it also gives kids the chance to let loose and get messy!

Party Scrapbook

Who says a party can't be productive? Next time your home is host to a hoard of giggling children, put those creative fingers to use with a party scrapbook!

Birthday Party Printables

Birthday Banner

Celebrate a friend's birthday with a homemade banner! Spell out a name, or "happy birthday" using these templates, a perfect hand-crafted decoration.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Mix things up at the next birthday party with a fun birthday scavenger hunt for little learners.

Birthday Coloring Pages

Want to send a special message of birthday cheer? Your child can color these festive birthday coloring pages and make someone's day.

A Cut-Out Birthday Card Surprise!

This printable is a birthday card cut-out that pops out in 3-D. What's the best kind of birthday surprise? To assemble this birthday card your child will need scissors, paste, ...

Word Search: Birthday

Give your birthday girl or boy a fun way to practice vocabulary. This worksheet has 18 birthday words hidden in the letter jumble. How many can your kid find?

Photo Props: Birthday

Birthday girls, get ready to transform into a birthday princess! These photo props are great for spicing up birthday photos and fun.