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Math Study Help

Estimation Breakfast

Remember that old carnival game where you had to guess how many jellybeans were in a jar? Well, guessing is more than pure fun, it's also a key part of kindergarten math. Here's how to bring it to the breakfast table!

Play Number Memory Match Up!

Try this new twist to the traditional memory game to help your kindergartener match number symbols to the correct quantity while sharpening her memory skills!

Play the Build a Monster Game!

Monsters can be scary, but drawing your own makes them fun! Play this game and create your own silly monster! Your child will get her creative juices flowing, and she'll even get to practice her math. It's fun and simple, and the drawings she'll come up with will surely be a riot.

Add and Subtract with Math Bugs

Make math practice fun by turning those boring numbers into cute bugs! Your child will learn to enjoy math as she uses bugs in her addition and subtraction problems.

Make a Counting Book

If a picture's worth a thousand words, how many numbers is it worth? Break out some old newspapers and magazines and let your kid find out, by creating her very own counting book!

My Backyard Counting Book

To master counting to ten, kindergarteners often count their fingers and toes. Have him apply his natural curiosity about the outdoors to counting practice, and create a counting book for repeated practice!

Make a ME Timeline

Help your child create a "Me Timeline," a unique poster that works on key math and early social studies skills: putting events in order.

Make a Paper Chain Calendar

Young kids usually have only a vague sense of time. They probably know that an hour is longer than ten minutes, and a week is shorter than a month, but it's difficult for them to gauge time's passing. Making a paper chain calendar can help.

Make Math Active with a Personal Record Book

In kindergarten, kids start to experiment with measurement for the first time. Make measurement fun by helping your child create his own personal record book.

Hunt for Shapes!

Learning to identify and categorize different geometric shapes is a big goal for early learners. And your neighborhood is the perfect place to start!