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Estimation Breakfast

Remember that old carnival game where you had to guess how many jellybeans were in a jar? Well, guessing is more than pure fun, it's also a key part of kindergarten math. Here's how to bring it to the breakfast table!

Making Wind Chimes

Get kids busy with this colorful craft activity, and sneak in some math and fine motor practice without them even realizing it! This beaded wind chime is fun to make, and it gets kids experimenting with patterns, a key kindergarten math skill.

Counting Cups

Counting with one-to-one correspondence is an important kindergarten skill. In a nutshell, it means children are able to count a group of objects, while touching each object, one at a time. This activity turns it into a simple game.

Repeat, then Eat!: A Patterning Game

This incredibly edible activity gives kindergarteners the chance to practice identifying, copying and extending basic patterns. Sure it's fun (and delicious!) but it will also help kids lay the foundation for math, reading, and other curriculum cornerstones.

Play the Build a Monster Game!

Monsters can be scary, but drawing your own makes them fun! Play this game and create your own silly monster! Your child will get her creative juices flowing, and she'll even get to practice her math. It's fun and simple, and the drawings she'll come up with will surely be a riot.

Make Milk Carton Counting Houses

Make counting fun for your kid with this whimsical, imaginative craft using empty milk cartons.

Make an ABC, 123 Book!

This simple, yet fun, bookmaking activity introduces and reinforces alphabet and number recognition skills that have been taught at home or learned in preschool.

Froggie Counting Game

Help froggie hop home! Here's a simple game you and your kindergarten child can make together to teach counting and the number line while having a fun time together.

Play Croquet

There's no need to buy an expensive croquet set to get your child familiar with the sport. This DIY game is fun for the whole family!

Make a Counting Book

If a picture's worth a thousand words, how many numbers is it worth? Break out some old newspapers and magazines and let your kid find out, by creating her very own counting book!

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