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Estimation Breakfast

Remember that old carnival game where you had to guess how many jellybeans were in a jar? Well, guessing is more than pure fun, it's also a key part of kindergarten math. Here's how to bring it to the breakfast table!

Pass It!

Roll the dice and play this fun number game! It's a great way to practice number recognition and the skill of following specific instructions. This simple game of chance is a great way to prepare a kindergartener for more advanced games.

Addition War

Are you tired of worksheets and flashcards? This card game is a fun way to practice addition. Compete for the highest score as you flip over cards.

Number Sense

Your kindergartener will love making sense of numbers in this tons-of-fun card game! Get out a deck of playing cards and get started. Take turns flipping over cards and trying to find a match.

Play Croquet

There's no need to buy an expensive croquet set to get your child familiar with the sport. This DIY game is fun for the whole family!

Indoor Hopscotch

Recycle your way to an afternoon full of hopping, counting, art and giggles for all! Turn any indoor space into a colorful hopscotch board using simple materials.

Foot Fun: A Measurement Activity

This measurement activity uses feet to compare objects, but not the ones found on rulers and measuring sticks...the feet on your child's own body!

Make Your Own Coin Bank!

Here's a coin bank craft that's designed to build connections to early reading, social studies, and math. And who knows--save up those pennies and nickels week by week, and your child may have saved a nice bit of change by second grade!

Make Math Fun with Buttons!

Have a lot of loose buttons lying around the house? Here are four ways to turn those loose buttons into an easy and positive learning experience. Button up!

String "100 Days of School" Beads!

This project commemorates the milestone of completing the first 100 days of school, while giving your child a manipulative to practice counting to 100.

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