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Learning Disabilities Overview

Learning disabilities can come in many forms and degrees of severity. Read on to learn the facts about some common learning disabilities, the misconceptions, the warning signs, and what you can do as the parent of a LD child to make sure that your child gets the education he or she deserves.

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    Syntax and Semantics

    Semantics refers to the knowledge and comprehension of words. Semantic skills may be measured by various receptive...

    Source: Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall
  • 12.

    Poor Teaching

    Poor teaching involves far more than an inappropriate match between the school's curriculum and the students' needs. It...

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  • 13.

    Characteristics of Students' Mathematics Learning Problems

    About 23 percent of fourth-grade students and 32 percent of eighth-grade students scored below basic on the 2003...

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    What's the Best Setting for Special Needs Students?

    If you're a school-age parent, you've seen it firsthand: America's school kids are more diverse than ever. Our schools...

  • 15.

    How can Students with Learning Disabilities Succeed in College?

    More students with learning disabilities than ever before are attending college (Shapiro & Rich, 1999; Westby,...

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  • 16.

    The Mislabeled Child

    In the past 25 years, the number of children labeled as "learning disabled" has jumped by over 150 percent. Has the...

  • 17.

    Components of Self-Determination

    Behavioral Autonomy—progression from dependence to self-care and self-direction Choice-making skills: select from...

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  • 18.

    Causes of Learning Disabilities

    In most cases, the cause (etiology) of a child’s learning disability is unknown. Many causes have been proposed, a...

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  • 19.

    Differing Perspectives on Disabilities

    Different disciplines, cultures, and individuals do not agree about what "disabilities" are and how to explain them...

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