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Add Worksheets to Your Website

Need worksheets to teach key concepts? Want to provide parents with easy access to worksheets from your website? This widget allows you to pull from our collection of 7,000 free worksheets, and then organize them by grade and topic. When you need practice materials, we've got you covered!

Storytime Activities

Pressed Flower Bookmarks

These pressed flower keepsakes introduce kids to flower science and encourage reading!

Make a Library Card Holder

Celebrate your kindergarten grad's big kid status by getting her a library card and making a special holder to stash it in.

Make a Fun Brochure!

Mastering persuasive writing is a skill that takes practice. Here's a fun way for your child to exercise his writing chops!

Make ABC Sponge Stamps!

Add some variety to your child's letter learning by making these darling sponge stamps together, great for different alphabet fun!

Make a Word Quilt Collage

Boost your child's letter recognition and help her create a beautiful paper tapestry to hang in her room.

Craft Story Sequence Cards

Sequencing is important to academic success and logical thinking. Make simple story cards and help develop that ability.

Storytime Activities

Be Librarian for a Day!

Help your child make and plan a friend-filled storytime party that will get her excited about reading.

Hunt for Library Treasure!

Here's a fun activity to do at the library to help your child learn the sequencing of numbers and letters.

Fill in the Blanks Fun

This fill-in-the-blanks game is a little like Mad Libs, but for emerging writers. Get ready for some silly sentences!

Phonics Treasure Hunt

Fun and challenging, this energetic treasure hunt helps kindergarteners learn letter sounds.

Judge a Book by Its Cover

From a Twilight novel to required reading, he'll learn about preconceptions as he predicts a book's story based on the cover.

Draw a Fairy Tale Map

See how far imagination can go when your child flexes reading comprehension muscle with a map drawing of her favorite tale!

Resources for Parents

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Library

Here's how to access everything your library has to offer.

Getting Your Child to Love Reading

Here are some expert techniques for encouraging kids to read.

5 Ways to Support an Emerging Reader

Find out what you really need to support your emerging reader.

Science Fair

Fun Learning Ideas