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Make Recess Count!

Fun Outdoor Games

Ball-Handling Workout

Dribbling helps children develop hand-eye coordination, body awareness, rhythm and timing, and agility. Once your child finds his rhythm, he'll be absorbed by the game and ...

Number Leap Frog

In this leap frog activity, your child will use her muscles to jump over her friends and onto lily pads as she practices number recognition.

Bounce that Ball: Learn Math While Doing Sports

With warm weather finally here, who wants to sit inside to practice graphing? Head out to the driveway, ball in hand, for a bouncing challenge. Then use those results to make a ...

Crab Soccer!

Get crabby in this fast and furious game of soccer for two or more players! Your child can compete one-on-one or play with an entire pod of crabs.

Shooting Hoops Multiplication

Play this fun basketball game to help your third grader master his multiplication tables. Not only will he improve his math skills, but he'll get some exercise in, too!

Play an ABC Balloon Game

Looking for a fun and active way to celebrate Read Across America Day? Try this crazy balloon game inspired by "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" by Dr. Seuss!

Play Whistle Hide-and-Seek

Encourage your kids to play this fun game of Whistle Hide-and-Seek as a warm-up to get them prepared for finding a "lost" camper.

French Cricket

Here's a game your child is sure to love playing with her friends: French Cricket. Just grab a baseball bat and a tennis ball, and you're set.

Frisbee Fun

On the next windy day, take your child to the local park or beach for a game of Kite Frisbee!