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Discipline and Challenging Child Behavior

Parenting isn't all that it's cut out to be. Positive parenting steps can help children overcome the milestones of temper tantrums, anger management, and bad habits.

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    How Does Attachment Affect Behavior?

    According to Bowlby (1969/1982), infants construct internal working models of how relationships work based on their...

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    Strategies for Temper Tantrums and Aggression

    Temper Tantrums Throwing temper tantrums often is a child's way of expressing anger or getting attention. Behavior...

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    The Choking Game

    Young people need to understand that the Choking Game is not a game and that it is very dangerous. You may remember...

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    Head Banging

    The occurrence of childhood head banging has the potential to be a serious and dangerous behavior. Therefore, treatment...

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    Bullying and the Special Needs Child

    Emerging research indicates that a child with a disability is more likely to be physically or verbally bullied than his...

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    The Lowdown on Lying, Stealing, and Cheating

    Have you caught your child lying, stealing or cheating? Here are some tips for parents on how to handle the situation.

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    Environmental Risk Factors

    Family Factors and Parenting Style Because parents play so vital a role in their children’s development, they are an...

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    Teach Problem-Solving

    Clinical psychologist Erik Fisher says most first graders understand that they have many choices when deciding how to...

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    What to Do When Your Child Lies

    Fibbing, bending the truth, telling tall tales: in other words, lying. What to do when your child stops telling the...

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    Behavior Problems in Foster Care

    Every year, foster children enter the “system” with increasingly more serious emotional (and behavioral) problems....

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