Montessori Schools

Interested in Montessori Schools? Nurture your child to become a self-directed, independent learner by enrolling him or her in a Montessori School. Learn about the Montessori philosophy that spans from birth through adulthood.

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    The Montessori Method in Action

    In a prepared environment, materials and activities provide for three basic areas of child involvement: Practical...

    Source: Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall
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    Maria Montessori

    Maria Montessori is probably the best known of the thinkers. She was the first Italian female physician, and, years...

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    Principles of the Montessori Method

    The Montessori method has been and is very popular around the world with early childhood professionals and parents. The...

    Source: Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall
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    Montessori Turns 100!

    Can a preschooler teach herself to read? Can a boy in kindergarten cut his own apple with a real knife? Will young...