What can parents do to help their children eat healthy and stay active in order to avoid being overweight?

Recent Findings on Childhood Obesity

Quick Facts on Obesity

Screening for Childhood Overweight and Obesity

Understanding the Increase and Impact of Obesity

Interventions for Obesity

Physical Activity for Families

Nutrition 101: What We Eat Impacts Our Weight

Tips for Parents to Address Childhood Obesity

The Role of Media

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    Contributing Factors of Childhood Obesity

    At the individual level, childhood obesity is the result of an imbalance between the calories a child consumes as food...

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    Food Processing and Obesity

    It’s no secret that all of America weighs 25 pounds more than it did just 30 years ago. Just go to the mall or to...

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    Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic . . . and Recess!

    Blacktop hopscotch and kickball games may soon be as archaic in schools as slates and abacuses. As school districts...

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    Childhood and Juvenile Obesity:

    Obesity in kids is now epidemic in the United States. The number of children who are overweight has doubled in the last...

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    Childhood Obesity

    Over the past five years, researchers, nutritionists, and politicians have been calling attention to the growing...

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Mel Heyman, M.D.

Guest Editor

Mel Heyman, M.D.

Dr. Mel Heyman is chief of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition at UCSF Children's Hospital. His expertise spans childhood obesity, nutrition related problems, and inflammatory bowel disease.

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