The bullying child possesses certain characteristics and familial risk factors. Know what to look for in a bully or a bullying victim. Teaching your child not to bully and instead, treating others with respect, helps stop bullying and the short-long term effects.

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    Is Bullying Learned at Home?

    “Mum, my brother is teasing me!” “Dad, my brother won’t let me use the computer!” Fights and quarrels are...

    Source: Bullying Special Edition Contributor
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    Why is Bullying Difficult to Change?

    Bullying and victimization are problematic behaviors with negative consequences for everyone: the victims, the bullies,...

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    Shoving, Gossip, and Beyond: How Environment Shapes Bullies

    We are all familiar with the stereotype of the common childhood bully: a large, brutish boy, shoving and ramming...

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    What’s a Hidden Bully?

    The child walking through schoolhouse doors enters a world of friends and strangers, collaborators and competitors,...

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    Bullying in School: An Exploration of Peer Group Dynamics

    When one thinks of a school bully, it is common to imagine a socially incompetent boy who uses name-calling, threats,...

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    It Takes Two: Rethinking the Aggressor-Victim Relationship

    Bullying, aggression, and victimization are common problems among schoolchildren with negative consequences for everyone...

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    Bullying is one form of aggressive behavior that is all too common among children and adolescents. Bullying is ongoing...

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    When Girls Bully

    When a parent thinks about bullying they may think of bloody noses, knuckle sandwiches and loud name-calling. But...

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    Bullying: Children Who Bully

    Bullying among children is aggressive behavior that is intentional and that involves an imbalance of power or strength....

    Source: Stop Bullying Now! U.S. Department of Health and Human Services HRSA
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    What Happens Over Time To Those Who Bully And Those Who Are Victimized?

    There can be little question that the phenomenon of bullying has become a worldwide concern, drawing the attention of...

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