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Bullying: Research Behind the Facts

Issue 1: November 2008 Guest Editors: Shelley Hymel, PhD & Susan Swearer, PhD

Issue 2: August 2009-November 2009 Guest Editors: Susan Swearer, PhD & Shelley Hymel, PhD

Issue 3: March 2012-August 2012 Guest Editors: Amanda Nickerson, PhD, Shelley Hymel, PhD, & Susan Swearer, PhD

Let's End Bullying

How to Spot Kids Who Are Being Bullied and Kids Who Are Bullying Others

Parents & Schools Working Together

School Based Interventions

Bullying & Early Childhood

What Happens to Kids Who Have Been Bullied and to Kids Who Bully Others

The Complexity of School Bullying

Bullying Based on Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, and Ethnicity

Cyberbullying Research

Bullying and Kids with Special Needs


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