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Helping Your Child with Reading

Encouraging a love for reading is one of the best gifts you can give your child, since reading is essential for school learning and academic success. Experts provide strategies on how to help your child develop literacy skills to become lifelong readers.

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    Gifted Readers and Reading Instruction

    Questions about gifted readers and how best to teach them have been posed since the inception of gifted education. Do...

    Source: Educational Resource Information Center (U.S. Department of Education)
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    Literacy Activities at Home

    Many parent-involvement programs focus on preschoolers, but parents continue to play an important role in supporting...

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    Benefits of Literature

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    The Four Components of the Language Arts Curriculum

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    Fluency Defined

    What Is Reading Fluency? The National Reading Panel (2000, p. 3-1) has defined fluency as "reading text with speed,...

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    The Language Arts

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    Tests and Reading: A Narrower View

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    Question Answer Relationships

    Taffy Raphael’s Question-Answer-Relationships (QARs) procedure teaches students to be consciously aware of whether...

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