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Reading Study Help

Craft Fizzing Bath Soaps

When baking soda is mixed with citric acid, a bubbling reaction takes place. Help your child experiment with mixing some acid and baking soda by making these homemade bath bombs!

Make and Play a Loteria Board Game

Play loteria, a Mexican board game! Help your child make this fun and festive game to help her build her vocabulary and have a blast while she's at it.

Play the Name Mix-Up Game

Hereâs a fun way to boost your childâs vocabulary and language skills! Challenge him to see how many words he can make out of his own name, using homemade flashcards.

Make a Reading Bookmark!

This bookmark is a helpful tool to use during and after reading to remind your child of "good reader" strategies that they can use themselves. It is also kept right where it should be--inside your child's book!

Homonym Beanbag Toss

Homonyms are those tricky little words that tend to confound early learners. Help your second grader ace the challenge with this rousing outdoor game.

Tell a Story in a Jar!

Let your child's imagination soar with a jar of story starters guaranteed to inspire creativity and fun for the whole family!

Word Wall Art

Help your child score points with a personalized message of her own. All it takes is a set of handmade letter tiles to create some word wall art.

Play Antonym-Synonym Tic-Tac-Toe

Knowing your antonyms from your synonyms is an important part of the second grade writing curriculum, and it's a real boon for vocabulary. Here's a fun game to help develop this skill in your child.

Guess My Word: A Vocab Game

Here's a thought-provoking activity to make new vocabulary words "stick" in the mind of your young learner.

Make Your Own Fairy Tale

Encourage your child to explore her favorite fairy tale, and learn about characters, plot, setting and story sequence as she draws her own pictures.

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