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Teacher Appreciation

Kid-Made Gifts for Teachers

Thank You Kiss

Thank-you card writing is fun with this creative cut-out card project for tweens and teens.

Make a Papier-Mache Apple for Teacher!

This art activity encourages your child to create her own paper mache apple sculpture to give to a special teacher.

Craft Fizzing Bath Soaps

When baking soda is mixed with citric acid, a bubbling reaction takes place. Help your child experiment with mixing some acid and baking soda by making these homemade bath ...

Fabulous "Fortune Cookie" Cupcakes

Show your child how to treat loved ones to a special surprise with these delectable cupcakes that hold embedded fortunes! They are sure to make anyone's day.

Homemade Truffles

Even chocolate can make an appearance in kindergarten math. These truffles are truly easy to make and add a bit of decadence to math practice!

Make a Flower Pot Pen Bouquet

As school starts, there's no better time to get your kid off to a fresh, fun, organized start. Here's a desk craft for your style-minded fourth grader!

Roll-Up Bubble Wrap Candles

Make an occasion more special by using your own homemade candles! In this activity, your child will melt down wax to create her own set of uniquely textured candles that'll be ...

Create Awesome Apple Note Cards!

Create awesome handmade apple note cards that are sure to brighten someone's day.

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