Your teen wants to make some extra money and begin building her resume, but what type of work experience is most appropriate? How does your teen go about finding and applying for a job? We've gathered articles to take your teen from job seeker to job holder in no time.

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    Putting Your Resume Together

    BY NOW, YOU should have a pretty good idea of what type of job you're going to be applying for, and hopefully you have...

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    Gender Stereotypes and Parenting

    As parents, we have a significant role in nurturing our children’s interests, values and, ultimately, career...

    Source: National Association for Gifted Children
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    Finding Yourself: The Case For Taking Time Off After Graduation

    Going to college today isn't like it was when your parents went (if they went) a generation ago. For one thing, getting...

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    Negotiating the Job Offer

    Negotiation Strategies, When and How to Say "Yes" or "No" to the Offer CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE BEEN offered a job…now...

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    Earning Money: The Great Summer Adventure

    Summer's lazy days will soon be here. How will your children fill the season's long, daylight hours? If the thought of...

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    Choosing the Proper Resume Format

    This article will show you how to select a format in your resume-writing process. The format determines how you organize...

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    Sample Case Interviews

    Estimation Cases Business Cases Practice Case 1: Estimation Case PROBLEM: How many pieces of luggage do you think are...

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    What Types of Jobs are Available for College Graduates?

    Certificates and degrees earned by graduates of two-and four-year colleges or universities lead to different kinds of...

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    The 35 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

    ALTHOUGH THERE ARE countless errors someone can make when creating a resume, at least 35 are extremely common. Despite...

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    The Goods on the Gap Year

    While much of the world takes a "gap year" to travel or perform national service between high school and college, the...