Why Art Matters

Many parents see art as secondary to academics, but art is more important than you may realize! Building an appreciation for art in kids from an early age encourages exploration, imagination, and creativity. Here's how to get started.

How to Make Art Count for Your Kid

Early Art Exploration

Many parents see art as secondary, to academics. But it's very important to a child's development. Art cultivates imagination and nurtures creativity, but it also hones ...

Bring Art History to Life

It seems like one mention of the word museum and kids take flight in the opposite direction. But art history can be an exciting and illuminating subject that helps your child ...

Art Milestones: What's Typical at Each Stage of Life

No one teaches an infant to scribble. Yet, for almost every young child, scribbling happens naturally. And it is a crucial a step for a child to take in learning graphic ...

What Art Can Tell You About Your Child

There are new studies to suggest that the type of art your child prefers can tell you a lot about her personality.

Kid-Friendly Art Museums

With arts education practically an endangered species in today’s schools, your kids may not know a thing about Van Gogh or Picasso. And that’s a shame. Because arts ...

Modern Art 101

Do you think your kindergartener paints better than Jackson Pollock? Think again, my friend. It's easy to dismiss modern art, which can be hard to understand. But if you do, ...

Great Gifts that Nurture the Arts

Looking for great gifts that spark creativity and inspire imaginative thinking? From paint pallets to wood-making to homemade sushi, we've got you covered, young and old, with ...

Little Picasso: 10 Best Art Apps for Kids

If you own a tablet or smartphone, chances are you love it for browsing the web or playing games, but what about creating artwork? The best art apps give your kids a chance to ...

Inspiring Art Activities for Kids

Create Squishy Paint Art

Featuring plenty of good old-fashioned gooey fun without the mess, this art project is sure to please little ones and grown-ups alike.

Marble Art

Looking for a colorful painting project to do with your preschooler? Try Marble Art, an exciting art activity that uses marbles instead of paint brushes.

Printmaking Art

With this fun and easy method of printing she will draw patterns, trace them with yarn, paint and press her very own masterpieces.

Make Mondrian Stained Glass Art

Make vibrant faux stained glass art inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter who explored repeating shapes using the primary colors.

Make Corn Syrup Art

Corn syrup isn't just for cooking--you can paint with it, too! Here's a finger painting activity for your preschooler that uses pantry basics like corn syrup and food coloring ...

Symmetry Art Project

This imaginative art activity will help your child to better understand symmetry and explore color and shape.

Van Gogh Sunflower Art Lesson

Get inspired by one of the most well-known artists in the world and help your child make a Van Gogh vase!

Pop Art Collage

Watch the pop of complementary colors while creating a fun and beautiful collage you can create from magazine clippings.