KenKen: Sports Car

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KenKen® is a math logic game that has taken the world by storm! It will challenge your high school student to use a variety of operations to determine which number belongs in each square. There is only one right answer to each puzzle, and it can be attained by following a few simple instructions. This puzzle is a good one to start with, and then work your way up to more difficult grids! Here's how to play:

Using the digits 1-5 in this 5x5 puzzle, fill the small squares with digits so as not to repeat a digit in any row or column, and so that the digits within each heavily outlined area will equal that area’s corner number when combined using the indicated operation. For more information visit

 “KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC, ©2009, KenKen Puzzle LLC”.  All rights reserved.

High School Math Worksheets: KenKen: Sports Car
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