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Celebrate America with these Fourth of July games your whole family can enjoy. These printable games can be played at home or on-the-go, making them great for summer staycations or vacations. From red, white and blue tic-tac-toe markers to patriotic dot to dots and word searches, this slideshow has everything you need for Independence Day fun. These pages will also help teach some key skills in the area of counting and vocabulary development.
July 4th/Independence Day
Have your fifth grader learn about the history of American money and then practice some real-world math. Soon enough he'll be seeing green.
Fifth Grade
This series of fantastic Animal Fun Pages will test your child's knowledge of his favorite animals. Each worksheet includes a word search, a series of true/false questions and a funny joke to get your child in the mood for learning all about the animal kingdom.
Fourth Grade
What could be more fun than learning with a puzzle? Here is a spooky Halloween match-up puzzle full of rhyming words for your child to learn.
This word search not only introduces kids to new vocabulary, but helps broaden their cultural horizons as they learn new holiday traditions.
Second Grade
Help your kindergartener build her spelling and phonics skills with rhyming puzzles! She'll get to match up the sight word puzzle pieces that rhyme.

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