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Flex your kindergartener's phonics skills with this fun worksheet, which challenges your child to identify colors that rhyme with other words.
Word Families
Do some on-the-road math with our road trip themed word problems. Exercise addition, division, and logical reasoning skills with these road trip word problems.
Fourth Grade
Algebra & Functions
Your fourth grader will stay entertained on your next family road trip with this travel-themed multiplication worksheet!
Fourth Grade
This worksheet gives your child four pages to practice his rhyming skills and identify words with long 'a' sounds.
Word Families
In the spirit of the classic game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, kids can solve individual state mysteries by piecing together the clues in the illustrations and description for each worksheet. Nice work, detectives!
Second Grade
National Symbols
An acrostic poem is one of the most easy and rewarding ways for younger children to write poetry. Fill in the blanks to spell out 'family'.
First Grade
Writing Sentences
Keep your child occupied on the ride to the lake with this fishing word search.
Second Grade
Learn some words that start with F in this beginning alphabet coloring page.
The Alphabet
Enjoy a fun, winter-themed game with the whole family, and challenge your child's memorization skills at the same time!
Travel Games

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