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These holidays & seasons worksheets help make learning engaging for your child! Browse through and download our holidays & seasons worksheets to help supplement your child's education.

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Zombies always have such a bad rep. Imagine a day in the life from the point of view of a zombie kid!
Fifth Grade
Help your child learn his way around the classroom with this school-based word search.
Back to School
Second Grade
This summer word game will help you beat the summer heat. Start by learning a hot summer word, then play a water spelling game outside.
Explore the lives of two high-flying pioneers, Bessie Coleman and Mae Jemison, with short biographies and a Venn diagram.
Women's History Month
Second Grade
Here's a new way to learn about the Chinese Zodiac with your kids: with colorful Zodiac masks! This mask is for the Year of the Rat.
Chinese New Year
It's summertime, and the possibilities are endless! Experience the best of summer with this bucket list, the perfect way to keep fun going all season long.
First Grade
Challenge your third grader to this heart matching game! Beware: It's more difficult than you'd think!
Valentine's Day
First Grade
Fourth of July can be a learning experience, when it's filled with fun-to-find, holiday themed words.
July 4th/Independence Day
Third Grade
The alligator on this happy birthday coloring sheet looks like he's ready for a birthday party.
This coloring page features the first African-American woman poet published in the U.S.! Introduce your child to Miss Phillis Wheatley.
Black History Month
Second Grade
Your child gets to play Olympic judge in this 4th grade math worksheet. She'll calculate each country's average ski time, then find the winners!
Winter Olympics
Fourth Grade

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