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These holidays & seasons worksheets help make learning engaging for your child! Browse through and download our holidays & seasons worksheets to help supplement your child's education.

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It's never too early to make a resolution! Celebrate the autumn season by creating a lovely tree full of healthy goals and resolutions.
Third Grade
Dress your paper doll up with your hairstyle and clothing choices and see how'd you look if you were president.
Political/Voting/Civic Holidays & Occasions
Second Grade
This printable Christmas puzzle brings some simple holiday cheer to your home. Try this printable Christmas puzzle with your child this holiday season.
Your child may not be saying 'All I want for Christmas are my ABCs!' but, you can stay festive with lowercase letter practice.
Exercise your beginning writer's creativity and sentence-building skills with this fun family project, all about mom!
Mother's Day
Third Grade
Here's a great way for beginning writers to practice forming sentences and using descriptive language as they show special appreciation for Dad!
Father's Day
Third Grade
Christmas gift tags help make your gift giving simpler. Use these Christmas gift tags to help your child practice signing his name.
The Holiday Season
Xmas is a commonly used word for Christmas. Count the number of ornaments on this Christmas tree and color them them in.
The Holiday Season
Lady Liberty is a symbol of freedom and enlightenment for the world! Give her some color, and learn a fun fact about her with this coloring sheet.
July 4th/Independence Day
First Grade
C is for Cornucopia, a symbol of Thanksgiving, in this holidays A to Z worksheet series.
Happy Veterans Day! Teach your child to honor the men and women of the military with this Veterans Day coloring page.
Veterans Day
Is that a princess and a ninja in a pumpkin patch? There's only one day of the year you'll see that: Halloween!
Teach your child about an endangered species with this information page, all about the Forest Owlet. He can color as he reads some interesting facts.
Earth Day
Fourth Grade

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