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Worksheets and printables that help children practice key skills. Download, print & watch your kids learn today!
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Coin Math Coin Math Money math can be a fun way to practice addition.
Map Scale Practice Map Scale Practice Choose a correct scale to use for different types of maps.
Color by Number: Hot Air Balloons Color by Number: Hot Air Balloons Take a trip to the skies with this color by number page, featuring a bunch of pretty hot air balloons and nine different colors to use.
Color the Friendly Ankylosaurus Color the Friendly Ankylosaurus Known for his spiky armor and club tail, the Ankylosaurus is one of the most easily recognized dinosaurs out there, and he's lots of fun to color, too!
Write the Sight Words: 'How' Write the Sight Words: "How" Help your child learn the sight word "how" with this printable phonics worksheet.
You're the Teacher! You're the Teacher! No reason to claim the dog ate your homework or an alien abducted your notes -- for this math assignment, you'll be the grader!
The Color Green: Learning About Color The Color Green: Learning About Color What kind of things are the color green? This worksheet asks your child to circle the green objects--helping him with his matching and color recognition skills.
Adding Three Double-Digit Numbers Adding Three Double-Digit Numbers Give your little math whiz a new challenge: adding multiple sets of numbers!
Past Tense Verbs Past Tense Verbs Strengthen your child's grammar skills with a verb activity!
Match the World Wonder Match the World Wonder These man-made marvels sure know how to put the wonder in wonderful!
City Map City Map By following the directions under the map, help your child get from one side of town to the other.
My Neighborhood Map My Neighborhood Map Go over this neighborhood map with your child or student to teach how to properly read a map.
Topographic Map Matching Topographic Map Matching Practice recognizing topographic maps and contour lines with this worksheet.
Topography for Kids Topography for Kids Learn the basics of topographic maps with this worksheet.
Color the Roses in the Vase Color the Roses in the Vase This coloring page features a bunch of roses in a vase.
Adding Coins Adding Coins Counting money is a math skill that your little one can use every day!
Worksheets and printables that help children practice key skills. Download, print & watch your kids learn today!

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