Fairy Tale Coloring Pages & Worksheets

Fairy tale coloring pages and worksheets help your kid experience the magic and mystery of traditional stories. These fun fairy tale coloring pages are a great way to get kids to experience the characters in their favorite fairy tales. Our many fairy tale pictures include a mermaid swimming under the sea with her dolphin friends, a princess riding on her noble horse, even fire-breathing dragons guarding a castle. So no matter what your child's tastes may be, all they have to do is just pick which fairy tale coloring pages & sheets they like, and print them out for instant enjoyment!

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These two magnificent dragons are similar, but not exactly the same. Hunt down the differences before coloring in this spectacular fantasy scene.
Fairy Tales
First Grade
It's a monster coloring page—full of friendly little monsters having a fun day outside! Help color in their crazy colors at the monster picnic.
Fairy Tales
First Grade

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