Fifth Grade Worksheets and Printables

Fifth grade worksheets are great for your ten- or eleven-year-old. Fifth graders work on reading comprehension, mixed fraction multiplication, and U.S. geography, all in one year! Give your child some support as he learns about these tricky concepts with our fifth grade worksheets. These worksheets for fifth grade students help keep learning fun and simple, with easy-to-follow instructions, pretty illustrations, and even a few games! Try our fifth grade worksheets with your kid, and have some educational fun in all subjects.

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Don't get mixed up by mixed fractions! Practice adding them up with these practice sheets.
Fifth Grade
Whip these improper fractions into shape by converting them into mixed numbers!
Fifth Grade
If your child is a little overwhelmed about memorizing all fifty states, let him learn them one region at a time with this fill-in-the-blank map.
Fifth Grade
Want to improve your 5th grader's math skills? Straightforward practice on a colorful printable keeps learning fun; converting improper fractions in a snap.
Fifth Grade

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