Fifth Grade Science Worksheets

These fifth grade science worksheets cover topics like anatomy, geology, chemistry, and astronomy. We even have worksheets on the chemistry of fireworks, plate tectonics, and narwhals! And expect more than just reading passages—many of our worksheets contain word searches, coloring, and more. You can also browse our science worksheets for all grades.

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Tips for Teaching Fifth Grade Science

Fifth grade science take students on a wild ride through topics such as photosynthesis, natural resources and chemical reactions. Got a kid who loves to experiment? Check out our simple experiment worksheets. Here are some fun hands-on tips for teaching fifth grade science:
  • Bake a cake with your child and discuss the chemical reactions that take place between the various ingredients. Feel free to experiment with variations in the batter. For example, if you add an extra egg or a double dose of baking soda, what do you think will happen?
  • Make a life-sized map of the human body on a long strip of parcel paper. Help your child draw and label all the different organs, bones and muscle groups.
  • Make a paper airplane and discuss the physics of aerodynamics. Experiment with different airplane shapes and see which ones go the farthest and the fastest.

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