First Grade Worksheets and Printables

First grade worksheets are great learning tools for your child. At the beginning of first grade, kids have a solid foundation of academic knowledge and classroom behaviors skills, which helps set them up for learning with great strides. Kids might go from reading and writing simple three letter words to using vocabulary words with five or more letters in sentences. Kids in first grade also learn to work more steadily with addition and subtraction, and get introduced to new math concepts too. Our first grade worksheets help support kids in every subject they'll encounter at school. Try our selection of first grade worksheets to give your child a boost or learn something new.

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Write a Christmas wish list with this template, waiting to be sent off to Santa! Your little one can even practice handwriting and building sentences.
First Grade
Writing Sentences
This sea turtle coloring page is great for kids who love the ocean, animals and reptiles.
First Grade
Did you know some of our national parks are deserts? Introduce your child to Joshua Tree National Park with this great coloring page!
First Grade
What better way to get your child excited about reading than a series of fun stories? Meet Kolobok, a ball of dough who comes to life in this Russian folk tale!
First Grade
Got a budding Monet or O'Keefe on your hands? Help her find her true colors with these inspiring coloring pages, featuring our favorite classics.
First Grade
April 4th is School Librarians' Day, the day when we reward our local librarians for all their hard work!
First Grade
Community & Cultures
It's a crazy maze of colors! It's a fun and colorful challenge for your puzzle-loving child.
First Grade
This bubble-filled first grade math worksheet makes practicing addition fun. Your child will practice addition as she solves the problems in the bubbles.
First Grade
Learn about countries around the world with these multicultural paper dolls! You can make these worksheets into a game for your child by having her guess the doll's nationality based on clues like the country's traditional clothing, food, flag, and capital city.
First Grade
Paper Dolls
Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture? Help the Bro and Sis team investigate some April Fools' Day catastrophes!
First Grade
Puzzles & Sudoku
Some say Pecos Bill was tall enough to ride a tornado, others say he could reach the stars. What do you think he looks like?
First Grade
Fairy Tales
Take cover, it's the attack of the giant robots! Bring this page to life by adding some exciting colors.
First Grade
Your child can create his own miniature pop-up neighborhood complete with fire station, fire truck, and all with this fun printable.
First Grade
Paper Projects

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