First Grade Worksheets and Printables

First grade worksheets are great learning tools for your child. At the beginning of first grade, kids have a solid foundation of academic knowledge and classroom behaviors skills, which helps set them up for learning with great strides. Kids might go from reading and writing simple three letter words to using vocabulary words with five or more letters in sentences. Kids in first grade also learn to work more steadily with addition and subtraction, and get introduced to new math concepts too. Our first grade worksheets help support kids in every subject they'll encounter at school. Try our selection of first grade worksheets to give your child a boost or learn something new.

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Cats, rats, and apes party together in this practice sheet on the vowel A.
First Grade
Show your child the value of preserving nature and the environment with a fun Mesa Verde National Park coloring page!
First Grade
Kids color and cut out a native costume for this paper doll, then guess what country the doll is from. Hint: The capital city is Bern.
First Grade
Community & Cultures
Want to make Dad feel like royalty on Father's Day? All it takes is a little yarn, a few crayons, and this awesome printable.
First Grade
Take your child to the circus with this mandala coloring sheet. This cute picture is jam-packed with fun designs that are sure to entertain.
First Grade
Help your 1st grader gain confidence as a reader with sight word flash cards that you can cut out and tape around the house. Includes words from learn to may.
First Grade
Sight Words
Is your child interested in learning Chinese? This easy step-by-step worksheet shows how the Chinese character for 'boat' evolved from ancient drawings!
First Grade
Whale you be my valentine? Make these cute printable valentine cards that beg the question, 'Whale you be my valentine?'
First Grade
Valentine's Day
In this printable board game, kids play a simplified version of shuffleboard using pennies and their fingers!
First Grade
Printable Board Games
Thank a waiter in your life by coloring in this page for National Waiters' Day.
First Grade
Community & Cultures

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