First Grade Reading Worksheets and Printables

Our first grade reading worksheets help young readers work on essential early reading skills. These printable reading worksheets allow kids to build their vocabulary, read short narratives, practice reading comprehension, and more. From bingo to word matching to flashcards, we have multiple ways to make learning to read fun. You can also check out our first grade writing worksheets for more practice.

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Tips for Teaching First Grade Reading

First grade reading is an important phase in your child's literacy development. Not only does it build upon the phonics skills introduced in kindergarten, but it prepares children for chapter books in second grade. For more support with phonics, check out our phonics worksheets. By the end of first grade, early readers should be able to:
  • Interpret illustrations in order to make meaning about a text.
  • Decode unknown words.
  • Determine cause and effect within various texts.
  • Question the author's meaning.
  • Predict what they think will happen next in a story.
  • Know what types of books they love the best!

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