Fourth Grade Worksheets and Printables

Fourth grade worksheets encourage your kid to learn with fun and educational exercises. Fourth graders learn a ton of new information; they are tasked with learning about fractions, punctuation, historical figures, and more. Our selection of fourth grade worksheets includes fourth grade math worksheets, language arts practice, social studies readings, and even science exploration. For both kids who are learning new concepts and reviewing previous lessons, there is a fourth grade worksheet that will suit your child's needs. Learn with your nine- or ten-year-old with our fourth grade worksheets.

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Thirsting for a way to make math come alive? These printables will help your little entrepreneur convert numbers into different units of measure.
Fourth Grade
Get our your pencil and don your deerskin cap—it's time to put your sleuthing skills to the test!
Fourth Grade
Gee whiz, what's the GCF and how do you find it? These worksheets will explain all! (And give you some practice, to boot!)
Fourth Grade
Algebra & Functions
Hurry, the hamsters are hungry! By converting improper fractions into mixed numbers, you can help these quirky critters get their fill.
Fourth Grade
'Tis the season to be... lyjol? Have fun solving a Christmas word scramble! Your child will get to hone his vocabulary and spelling, all in the holiday spirit.
Fourth Grade
Puzzles & Sudoku
Vocabulary building is important at any age. With this worksheet, your child will learn 24 synonyms for pretty, and get to practice them.
Fourth Grade

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