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Printable games are perfectly fast and fun for quiet afternoons or rainy days! Our large selection of printable games for kids cover a variety of subjects for children who want to improve their math, science, or reading skills, and for children who solely want to have fun with mazes, board games, and puzzles. Playing our worksheet games and doing puzzles helps children develop abstract thinking abilities, fine motor skills, and persistence. These printable game worksheets also encourage your child to develop social and conversational skills.

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Shape up your kid's geometry skills with this collection of Tangram puzzles. From trees to rockets, your child will hone important shape skills and develop an understanding of fractions.
Puzzles & Sudoku
Third Grade
Ready to shove off from doodling and learn to draw? This worksheet teaches kids how to use simple geometry to draw familiar objects.
Travel Games
Second Grade
In this worksheet from our How to Draw series, emerging artists can learn to break pictures into geometric shapes.
Travel Games
Second Grade

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