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Graphing worksheets encourage your child to analyze data with visual diagrams. Kids will be able to see math used in a practical setting as they complete the bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs in these graphing worksheets. These graphing worksheets prompt kids to do fun activities to collect data for the diagrams, including asking their friends their favorite colors and ice cream flavors. Try these graphing worksheets with your child to help build essential math skills for school and beyond.

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Kids help Minnie figure out how many pigs, sheep, and other animals live on the farm by reading the tables and counting up the tally marks.
Graphing & Data
First Grade
The chef made a lot of sushi today during lunch. Can your child help him figure out how much sushi he made by filling in the table with tally marks?
Graphing & Data
First Grade
The farmer needs help keeping track of his vegetables. Can your child use her counting skills to give him a hand?
Graphing & Data
First Grade

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