Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

Our printable kindergarten reading worksheets cover a wide range of topics that young students encounter in their first year of elementary school. Whether your child is starting to study the letters of the alphabet or reading sight words and short sentences, there are kindergarten worksheet suited for him. Our kindergarten word families worksheets are also a good way to help kids recognize more patterns between words as they progress toward reading.

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Tips for Teaching Kindergarten Reading

Kindergarten is a magical time for early readers, as they master how to sound out each letter that the alphabet makes. Download and print the worksheets above to support your child's blossoming literacy skills. For more resources on high frequency words, check out our sight words worksheets. Hands-on activities can also support literacy, especially for kinesthetic learners. For example:
  • Go on a sight words scavenger hunt with a stack of magazines or newspapers. Every time your child sees a word she recognizes, cut it out and glue it to construction paper. Then she will be reminded of all the words that she can read!
  • Make digraph flashcards with your child. Remember, digraphs are when two letters come together to make a new sound, such as ph, ch, or th.
  • Make an illustrated mini-book of your child's favorite consonant-vowel-consonant words, such as cat, hat, or pig.

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