Long Multiplication

These long multiplication worksheets help kids practice multiplying large multiplicands and multipliers together: a new math challenge that appears intimidating at first glance! However, all kids need is a solid grasp of their multiplication facts before learning the method for long multiplication: multiply, regroup, and add the partial products together at the end. Check out our free long multiplication resources below.

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Do you remember your greater than or less than signs? Give your student some great practice solving long multiplication with this math worksheet.
Fourth Grade
Don't mix up your greater or less than signs! Give your student some great practice doing long multiplication with this math worksheet.
Fourth Grade
Give your little math whiz a challenge with this long-multiplication sheet.
Second Grade
Practice multiplying up to 12 with a multiplication table. Fill in the blank squares to get a solid review, and to try and find patterns in the table.
Third Grade
There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, especially when it helps your 3rd grader excel in math! These awesome math games take concepts like multiplication, division, prediction and measurement and make them fun.
Don't let math take a holiday! This parade of multiplication and division printables may be a little bit of a challenge, but it's nothing compared to defeating the Redcoats. Your child is sure to feel a sense of accomplishment after blasting through these math problems. Once he's all finished, have him do a little research on some of the most famous American mathematicians.

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