Measurement Worksheets

Measurement is one of the most practical math concepts that kids will learn, with lots of real-life applications. Our worksheets cover some of the most common applications, including measurement with a ruler, measurement by weight, and unit conversions. These worksheets can help support learning with guided measurement practice. For more general practice opportunities, browse all of our math worksheets.

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More Measurement Practice

Download and print these measurement worksheets to provide real-world examples and practice opportunities for kids in a wide variety of elementary grades. For more hands-on activities for honing measurement skills, try these ideas:
  • When at the grocery store, weigh fruit with your child and compare numbers. Was he surprised to see that an item was heavier or lighter?
  • Measure the height of everyone in your family. How much taller are you than your child?
  • Bake a cake and let your child measure the ingredients himself. For kids in the older elementary grades, double or triple a recipe to introduce the concept of proportion and gain experience with fractions. For more practice with this skill, download some of our fractions worksheets.
  • Break out the paper and markers and draft a blueprint of a fun play space, such as a tree house or a life size doll house. How many square feet would the tree house be?

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