Multiplication Worksheets

Our multiplication worksheets can help your child master the art of multiplying! Students can improve times table skills by practicing with multiplication fact worksheets. Explore our entire collection of multiplication worksheets to find exercises on two-digit multiplication, multiplying with decimals, fractions, and even multiplication with negative numbers. When your child is ready to move on, explore our division worksheets.

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Have Fun with Multiplication

Help your child learn to love multiplication by integrating fun multiplication practice into your daily routines. Try these exercises to have fun with your child while practicing multiplication at the same time:

  • Exercise skip counting using everyday objects to practice the multiplication tables. Start skipping two or three steps when you go upstairs with your child and count the number of stairs by twos and threes. Or, challenge your child to count the number of fingers on the people sitting at the dinner table. When she's done, see if she can count fingers by fives and tens! This is a great way to encourage math practice away from math worksheets for kids.
  • Try daily multiplication riddles to get your child to think about math in a fun way even when he's not working on multiplication practice worksheets. Try this one to start, "If I give you one candy on Monday, and three times as many candies on Tuesday, and three times the number of Tuesday candies on Wednesday, and so on, how many candies will you have all together on Friday?"
  • Have your child practice multiplication when you're looking at your family calendar. Try asking, "If there are three weeks until summer break, and seven days in each week, how many days are there until summer break?" Some kids may even enjoy counting down to a special event on the calendar after they've figured out the answer. There are some fun math worksheets with make-your-own-calendar templates that work perfectly for this.
  • Don't forget to let your child work through math problems with fun math multiplication worksheets for kids. Using math multiplication worksheets lets your child practice the subject at his own pace.

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