Place Value Worksheets

Help your kid better understand place value with our worksheets. We have basic printables that remain on the right-hand side of the decimal, focusing on ones, tens, and hundreds. Our collection also contains more challenging worksheets that carry over to the left side and have your kid practice identifying tenths, hundredths, even thousandths. We know that place value can be tricky, but our worksheets go the extra mile to help kids figure out what's going on with the numbers on both sides of the decimal. Browse our place value worksheets and find a few for your budding mathematician.

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Teach Your Child About Place Value

Place value is a hard concept for many kids. Help your child learn how numbers are made of ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands with these place value tutoring tips:

  • Start by defining the concept of place values to your child. You can explain, "All numbers are made up of different place values. Let's look at the number 24. In the number 24, we write the numbers '2' and '4.' The '2' is in the tens place and the '4' is in the ones place. In the number 324, '3' is in the hundreds place, '2' is in the tens place, and '4' is in the ones place.”
  • Write down several numbers on paper. Ask your child if he can find any numbers that have a tens place. Can he find the number '6' in the ones place in any numbers? A number 4 in the hundreds place? Once your child seems comfortable with the first set of numbers, try adding numbers with the thousands place.
  • Help your child see the breakdown of numbers with an example. Write down the number 342. Explain, "The number 342 is made up of three place values. The '3' is in the hundreds place, the '4' is in the tens place, and the '2' is in the ones place. We can break the number 342 into three seperate numbers from these place values." Draw arrows connecting each place value in 342 to '300,' '40,' and '2.' Explain how you did this.

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