Preschool Worksheets and Printables

Preschool is a great time to introduce your kids to worksheets to prepare them for elementary school. These preschool worksheets include fun themes and visuals to inspire a love of learning. Use these worksheets to teach them about letters, number recognition, counting shapes, and more. To start with a specific subject, try our preschool math worksheets.

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Using Preschool Worksheets at Home or in Class

The preschool years go from 3 to 5 years of age, prior to the start of Kindergarten or the formal classroom environment of first grade. The preschool years represent a unique developmental window where kids are growing out of toddlerhood and are very receptive to both formal learning and informal learning through play. Some preschoolers have spent most of their time at home with parents or caretakers, while others have been in a daycare or school environment part or full time. In any of these scenarios, preschool worksheets can help 3, 4, or 5 year olds grow accustomed to using writing tools and paper to learn new concepts.
Try these tips to create an educational and engaging environment for your child while using printable preschool worksheets:
  • Determine what topic your child should focus on with preschool printables. Choose a theme they love to keep them engaged, or direct their attention to an area they have not mastered yet, like colors, letter or number recognition or social skills they will need when they enter kindergarten. Stick to one subject at a time to make sure worksheet time is age appropriate and your preschooler can realistically focus on the topic you chose.
  • Select and download from our collection of thousands of preschool worksheets. Each free member can download and print several free worksheets per month. Consider upgrading your membership for unlimited access to our educational resources!
  • Give your preschooler a clutter-free and quiet space to complete worksheets. Young children get distracted easily, so it's important to create a calming oasis where they can learn without noise and objects that could take away their attention.
  • If you are in a classroom setting, take advantage of the fact that preschoolers love to imitate each other and adults by setting up dedicated time for the whole group to complete worksheets or coloring sheets together.
  • When your child is working through worksheets for preschoolers, ask questions. Have him tell you the names of letters or objects on the printed page, or ask him if the worksheet reminds him of anything in his life.
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