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Preschool worksheets are a great way to prepare your child for elementary school and beyond. These preschool worksheets and printables are easy to download and help make early learning engaging for your 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old. Guide your child through these preschool worksheets to teach him about letters, music, shapes, and imaginitive play. With a wide variety of preschool worksheets and printables available, there is sure to be a coloring page or practice sheet that suits your child's level and individual needs. Each preschool worksheet features beautiful illustrations and clear instructions. These preschool worksheets and printables are perfect tools for children who are starting to develop foundational skills that will help them in school.

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This fun alphabet coloring page will have your child coloring a zesty zebra while learning the shape and sound of the letter Z.
The Alphabet
This worksheet asks your child to count how many of each type of art supply there is, and then circle the groups that have 6 in them.
Counting & Numbers
Has your child ever been inside a taxi? He can learn all about them with this taxi coloring page.
Break out the black crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids see black objects, trace and write 'black,' and color with black.
Fine Motor Skills
If your child likes to go fast, this is the coloring page for her! It features a speedy race car zooming down the track.
Round up the red crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids view red objects, trace and write the word 'red,' and color red objects.
This fun alphabet coloring page will have your child coloring a waspy yellowjacket while learning the shape and sound of the letter Y.
The Alphabet
This cupid coloring page will get your little love bug all ready for Valentine's Day!
Hop on up to this alphabet series, where G is for grasshopper, A is for armadillo, and the letters all introduce an animal!
Letter G
Print out this sheet to get your animal-lover in the Halloween mood, and it's sure to bring lots of laughs along the way.
P is for platypus, and it's also for preschooler. This series of alphabet coloring sheets is perfect for teaching letter recognition to your little one.
Letter P
Flapping flamingos F is for flamingo! The alphabet takes flight with this series of animal ABCs.
Letter F

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Make the Most of Preschool Worksheets

Preschool worksheets are great learning tools for young children. Kids who are just starting to work with paper and writing tools need extra help and structure to make the most of their time with preschool worksheets. Try these tips to create an educational and engaging environment for your child while using printable preschool worksheets:

  • Give your child a clutter-free and quiet space to complete worksheets. Young children get distracted easily, so it's important to create a calming oasis where they can learn without noise and objects that could take away their attention.
  • When your child sits down with a preschool worksheet, explain the directions clearly with words and pointing. When you've explained the directions, give your child time to work through the page by himself, but let him know where you'll be if he needs help.
  • Preschoolers learn best when they focus on a subject over several different exercises. If you want your child to learn about the letter G, try reading a book with the letter in its title, singing a song about the letter G, then giving your child a set of letter G-themed printable preschool worksheets. These exercises can be done in one afternoon or spread out over several days.
  • When your child is working through worksheets for preschoolers, ask questions. Have him tell you the names of letters or objects on the page, or ask him if the worksheet reminds him of anything in his life.

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