Preschool Reading Worksheets and Printables

A strong foundation for reading is essential for future success. These preschool reading worksheets will help your young learner start off on the right track. Our letter coloring pages, tracing exercises and sight word worksheets will help kids recognize their letters and the sounds they make. Our alphabet worksheets are popular for tackling the basics.

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Encourage Preschool Early Literacy with Worksheets

Preschool is the time for kids to learn the most basic building blocks of written language. These preschool reading worksheets impart fundamental language lessons that prepare kids for kindergarten. Here are some ways to boost literacy for pre-K learners:
  • Read aloud. A common core measure of literacy is the ability to recognize that text has meaning and is read from left to right. For extra credit, download some nursery rhymes worksheets, read the text aloud and have students repeat lines. Encourage young learners to retell their own favorite stories—this is a mark of early achievement.
  • Know your ABC’s. Pre-K is all about the alphabet. Colorful preschool alphabet worksheets familiarize young learners with their ABC’s and build vocabulary.
  • Sound it out. Preschool phonics worksheets help kids connect sounds to letters. If a child can recognize letters and sounds, she’s one step away from using phonetic skills to sound out words. That’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from reading simple books!
When you find what you're looking for, simply download and print each worksheet and you're ready to go. Find out more about early reading education in this article, “10 Reading Readiness Skills for Kindergarten Kids.”

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