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Printable Sudoku, KenKen, and puzzle games are a fun way to study for the next big math test! Whether your kid is a tried and true math whiz or in need of a little boost when it comes to trickier concepts, these puzzle and Sudoku printables are an excellent tool to get kids excited about math. The challenging nature of these puzzle games encourages kids to think of numbers differently. With each worksheet their analytic abilities are put to the test as they fill in a crossword-like number frame. Playing games like these printable Sudoku puzzles helps improve memory, stimulates your child's mind, and helps foster quick decision-making. Try our puzzle, KenKen, and Sudoku printables with your child, and make numbers more engaging!

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These clever questions will get your first grader thinking. Can your kid crack the code?
Puzzles & Sudoku
First Grade
Mad mechanics, master the art of robot making with this times table challenge!
Puzzles & Sudoku
Third Grade
'Tis the season to be... lyjol? Have fun solving a Christmas word scramble! Your child will get to hone his vocabulary and spelling, all in the holiday spirit.
Puzzles & Sudoku
Fourth Grade

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